Useful Links for People With Diabetes

The links below are places you can go to learn more about diabetes care, and can help you connect with support groups whose members share your issues and concerns about diabetes.

Additional resources available from Novo Nordisk:

Cornerstones4Care® ››
Get 24/7 access to an online diabetes support program designed to help you manage your diabetes, your way.


Other helpful links:

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists ››
An organization created to serve patients and the doctors who treat them.

American Association of Diabetes Educators ››
An organization of health care providers who help educate those who are living with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association ››
A resource center for Americans with diabetes.

National Diabetes Education Program ››
The National Diabetes Education Program is dedicated to improving the treatment and outcomes for people with diabetes, promoting early diagnosis, and preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) ››
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating and motivating people with diabetes and their loved ones to take an active role in their condition.

World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) ››
Supports prevention and treatment of diabetes in developing countries.

Words to Live By

Learning about diabetes means becoming familiar with lots of new words. Look up terms you don’t know and learn more about diabetes.

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Putting Together Your Care Team

A group of health care providers who specialize in different kinds of diabetes-related care can help give you the support you need to successfully manage your diabetes.

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