Look for Blood Sugar Patterns With the Pattern Recognition Tool

Can you see a pattern in your blood sugar numbers

Checking your numbers with your blood glucose meter, and writing these numbers down in a diary, is important. You can see if your numbers are high, low, or within range at any point in the day. You can also look for patterns of high and low blood sugar numbers. For instance, maybe your morning, or fasting blood sugar (FPG), are lower than they should be for several days in a row. Or your mealtime blood sugar numbers consistently are higher than your target range right after lunch.

This is important information for you and your health care provider. Recognizing patterns of high and low blood sugar can help you and your health care provider start to think about what’s causing them. It could be a sign that something needs to change with your diabetes care plan.

The Pattern Recognition Tool

Not sure what high and low blood sugar patterns look like? The Pattern Recognition Tool can help show you what to look for.a

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The Pattern Recognition Tool
aPatient profiles are for educational profiles only. Be sure to talk to your health care provider regarding your diabetes management goals.
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