Patient Assistance Program

If you can’t afford the cost of your insulin, we may be able to help.

Making our products available to people who need them but cannot afford them is part of Novo Nordisk's commitment to helping people with diabetes. Anyone with diabetes who meets the eligibility requirements for the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) can receive NovoLog® Mix 70/30, or other eligible Novo Nordisk products free of charge as long as they stay eligible.

Learn more about the PAP and how to apply.



What's Your Blood Sugar Pattern?

You can use the Pattern Recognition Tool to help you recognize if you are having high or low daily blood sugar readings.

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Get FREE FlexPen® Needles!

When you activate a Novo Nordisk Savings Card and enroll in Cornerstones4Care®, you'll get a free box of Novo Nordisk needles for use with NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®. Restrictions apply.

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Look Up Your Insurance Coverage

Find out if NovoLog® Mix 70/30 is covered for you and see your co-pay before filling your prescription.

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