Starting With NovoLog® Mix 70/30

Your doctor gave you NovoLog® Mix 70/30 because he or she believes it is right for you. It's 1 insulin that works in 2 ways to help you control your blood sugar. And if you're starting with NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®, you can take your insulin with you almost anywhere.a Take a closer look now at some additional features of NovoLog® Mix 70/30.

Taking NovoLog® Mix 70/30

Your doctor will decide how much NovoLog® Mix 70/30 you should take and when to take it. Keep in mind that your insulin needs may change from day to day, so your doctor may need to make some adjustments to your dosage. Some people take NovoLog® Mix 70/30 just once a day. Others take NovoLog® Mix 70/30 twice a day.

As with all insulins, the most common side effect with NovoLog® Mix 70/30 is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. But a 2-year study showed that people who took NovoLog® Mix 70/30 had fewer episodes of very low blood sugar (major hypoglycemia) compared with those taking human premix insulin (such as Novolin® 70/30).

Major episodes of very low blood sugar

One insulin with one discreet delivery system

Taking NovoLog® Mix 70/30 twice a day means that you only need 1 insulin to get coverage for up to 24 hours, both at mealtime and in between meals, too. Plus, it comes in FlexPen®.

NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®:

  • Offers accurate dose setting with a dial-a-dose delivery system
  • Fits in your purse or pocket
  • Can be stored at room temperature (under 86°F) for up to 14 days and should not be refrigerated once in usea

FlexPen® is insulin delivery that goes with you.

As you take NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® comes in a package with 5 pens, a total of 1,500 units of insulin
  • Store your supply of NovoLog® Mix 70/30 in the refrigerator until you use it, but do not freeze
  • Once in use, keep NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® at room temperature (below 86°F) for up to 14 daysa
  • Check your blood sugar regularly, as directed by your doctor

For more information about NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®, click here.

Storage for NovoLog® Mix 70/30 3-mL FlexPen® and 10-mL vial:

Not in use (unopened) Room temperature: below 86°F Not in use (unopened) Refrigerated In use (opened) Room temperature: below 86°F
10-mL vial 28 days Until expiration date 28 days (can be kept refrigerated or at room temperature)
3-mL NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® 14 days Until expiration date 14 days (do not refrigerate)
NovoLog® Mix 70/30 Patient Brochure

Your first 7 days taking NovoLog® Mix 70/30

“Your First 7 Days” is a step-by-step guide which can help you through your first week on NovoLog® Mix 70/30. You can get started here.

aOnce in use, NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® must be kept at room temperature (below 86°F) for up to 14 days. Throw away an unrefrigerated disposable NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® after 14 days, even if it still contains insulin. Throw away unrefrigerated vials after 28 days, even if they still contain insulin.

Using NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®

If you are interested in a device about the size of a fountain pen that fits neatly in your pocket or purse, we’ve got some details right here.

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NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen® Instructions For Use

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