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Because millions of people have diabetes, but only one of them is you.

Register now to get all the benefits of our personalized diabetes support program.

  • Tools to help your care plan work harder for you
  • Ongoing updates about diabetes care
  • Tips and inspiration to keep you moving forward

The 4 cornerstones of diabetes care:

Healthy eating

Balancing what, how much, and when you eat

Being active

Making a plan for physical activity


Keeping track of your medicine for diabetes

Checking your blood sugar

Making sure your diabetes care plan is working

Ready to make it personal?

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Sign up for Cornerstones4Care® to receive an instant savings card that you can use to pay no more than $25 for NovoLog® Mix 70/30 and each refill for up to 2 years.* You'll also pay no more than $20 for another Novo Nordisk product and each refill for up to 2 years.* And you may be eligible to receive a free box of Novo Nordisk needles.†

When you register, you’ll also get ongoing communications from Cornerstones4Care® that includes lifestyle support and, in some cases, phone calls.

*Restrictions apply.

†Needles are sold separately and may require a prescription in some states.

Lifestyle Companion brought to you by Cornerstones4Care™

Your online home for planning & tracking your meals, activity, and more.

Managing your diabetes means following a care plan that can have a lot of different parts. The Lifestyle Companion can help you put it all together. This powerful suite of tools, brought to you as part of your membership in Cornerstones4Care®, can help with:

  • Healthy Eating—Plan your meals, log what you’ve eaten, and print shopping lists
  • Physical Activity—See how many calories you burn doing everyday activities
  • Calendar—View upcoming appointments, medicine reminders, and more
  • Reports—Create and print summaries you can share with your care team

Selected Important Safety Information

Who should not use NovoLog® Mix 70/30?

  • Do not use NovoLog® Mix 70/30 if your blood sugar is too low (hypoglycemia) or you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

How should I take NovoLog® Mix 70/30?

  • NovoLog® Mix 70/30 starts acting fast. If you have type 1 diabetes, inject within 15 minutes before you eat a meal. If you have type 2 diabetes, inject within 15 minutes before or after starting your meal.
  • Inject NovoLog® Mix 70/30 under the skin of your stomach area, upper arms, buttocks, or thighs, but never into a vein or muscle.
  • Do not mix NovoLog® Mix 70/30 with other insulin products or use in an insulin pump.
  • Do not change your dose or type of insulin unless you are told to by your health care provider.
  • Do not share needles, insulin pens, or syringes.
  • Check your blood sugar levels as directed by your health care provider.

Please click here for additional Important Safety Information.